Birth Month/Star Sign T-Shirts

Along with our amazing NICU clothing range, we are happy to show to you all two of our newest clothing designs. We bring to you our wickedly awesome Zodiac and Floral Month T-Shirts. You can order one for yourself or even for a friend or family member by clicking the title of each T-Shirt which will take you straight to the order form.

Zodiac Sign T-Shirts

Our Zodiac Sign T-Shirts are made with a colourful Zodiac sign on the front.
Each Zodiac design is made up of the zodiac symbol, name, star constellation and in the colour for that sign. These shirts are $40 each.

Floral Month T-Shirt

Our Floral Month T-Shirts are available in either black or white, and with the design on either the front or the back. Did you know that in the 18th and 19th century, long before phones and emails, flowers were used as a way to communicate, this was known as floriography. This is how each design was made, each month has a flower to represent it, e.g. December is Holly, March is Daffodil, August is Poppy.
These shirts are $40 each.