Care Advice

Although I use washable polyester filling for my Onesie Friends I would strongly advise only cleaning them with a damp cloth, as stuffing can be unpredictable and lose its shape when soaked or washed in a machine which will destroy the shape of your Onesie Friend.

If you need to dry your Onesie Friend I would advise NOT to use a dryer but to hang it up on a line in a shaded area until it has dried out.

If your Onesie Friend has the addition of transfers care needs to be taken in cleaning them. Normally they are done onto clothing that is able to be turned inside out to give them some protection but this is not possible with our Onesie Friends. Please take extra care with cleaning if the area you are wanting to cleaning includes your transfer.

I thank you for your co-operation and time spent reading my care advice.

Many thanks,
Aleisha at The Onesie Bear NZ