Vinyl Transfers


The new option is now available to have custom vinyl additions to your Onesie Friend.

Our largest Vinyl Transfer fonts are 2cm tall and our smaller font is 1.5cm tall. This makes them the perfect size to fit neatly onto all of our Oneise Friends.


Transfer options:

  • A-Z, a-z
  • 0-9
  • .-:
  • hearts and stars


Name, D.O.B and saying colour options:

  • Georgia letters large (Raspberry and Navy)
  • Georgia numbers large (Lilac and Royal Blue)
  • Lauren letters large (Glitter Purple and Glitter Blue)
  • Georgia letters and numbers small (Raspberry, Lilac, Glitter Purple, Navy, Royal Blue and Glitter Blue)

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Birth Announcements

We have the option to have Birth Announcements made up. They will include:

A (2)

  • A first and last name
  • Birth date, Month and Year
  • Time of birth
  • Birth weight in lb/oz
  • Birth Length in cm
  • and 3 stars or hearts in varying sizes



Colour scheme options:

There are currently two colour schemes to choose from to have a Birth Announcement made up. They are:

  • Girls (Rasberry, Lilic and Glitter Purple)
  • Boys (Navy, Royal Blue and Glitter Blue)

PLEASE NOTE the colour scheme layout can not be changed from what is shown in the photo because I have specific letters, numbers and colours for each part of the announcement.

Our Vinyl Transfers are only able to do done onto cotton materials so please make sure if you would like on that you have some of this material included in your clothing.

If you would like to have a Vinyl Transfer added to your Onesie Friend please let me know the colour(s) and font(s) you would like used as well as what you would like it to say. I will let you know if what you would like is available.

Pricing of our Vinyl Tranfers can be found here.

I have a very limited range in our Vinyl Transfers so please bear with me on availability of certain letters as some are more popular than others and will not always be available. Depending on availability I have the option of Printed Transfers instead.