Daisy/ Duke Dress-up Dolls

I am so excited to announce our newest addition to The Onesie Bear NZ!

$10 DISCOUNT!!! (94)

Dress-up dolls!!!

Our Daisy or Duke Dress-up Dolls are made with skin tone fabric that I hold in stock and are then dressed in pre loved clothing items you provide.

Our dolls currently come in two different sizes which makes it perfect to work with NB size clothing as well as bigger items. They also come as Daisy or Duke so they are perfect for any child.

Our Daisy/ Duke Dress up dolls come with one complete outfit in the baseline cost (1x reversible dress, skirt, shorts or overalls, 1x collar and 1x pair of shoes).

These dolls are fun and awesome way for your children to look at clothing they used to wear but also use it in a functional way. With the clothing items being reversible it means they can have just one main item of clothing but you can change up the look by just flipping the clothing over!

You can also buy additional outfits and additions to make your dress up doll even more fun. It is the perfect way to get lots of different items of clothing into a toy where the clothing is still in a clothing form.

If you have an questions or ideas on your Dress-up Dolls please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss them with you! 🙂

If you would like to order one of your Daisy/ Duke Dress-up Dolls click here to find their order form!