Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions when placing an order.

What are Onesie Friends?
Onesie Friends are Keepsakes (NOT TOYS) that are made from reusing your clothing, blankets or any other special material items. They hold all those fond memories you have of your little ones milestones and first hours of life as well as memories of people who have passed. Instead of keeping these items in a drawer or memory box they can be turned into a custom Onesie Friend that allows you to remember your most fondest memories on a day to day basis.

What items do I need to send?
Any item of clothing such as singlets, onesies, t-shirts, dresses, flannelette tops and blankets are all great fabrics to make Onesie Friends from because they are easily manipulated. However Knitted fabrics, non stretch material and delicate or thickly padded items are NOT always suitable as they are difficult to work with and will not always give a tidy finish.

Any amount of clothing from 2 items through to 8+ can be used to make your Onesie Friend. The least amount of clothing needed for each Onesie Friend varies depending on what one you would like to have made. To see how many items are needed for each friend please refer to our Clothing Guide.

What can I have done in Vinyl Transfers?
I can do names, D.O.B, sayings, photos/ images as well as Birth Announcements in our Vinyl Transfers. I am happy to make up any requests as long as they are not too long. Please let me know when ordering and I will endeavor to do my best to complete any requests. I will let you know if there are any problems before commencing.

What are your Onesie Friends stuffed with?
I stuff all of my Onesie Friends with soft toy stuffing that is made from polyester and is approved by safety standards. It is machine washable but I would strongly advise only cleaning your Onesie Friend with a damp cloth. This is because stuffing can be unpredictable and lose shape when soaked or washed in a machine. This could ruin the shape of your Onesie Friend.

Postage and Packaging?
This varies depending on the size and number of Onesie Friends being sent in one package. Costs vary from $7.40 through to $24.10 for the postage box with tracking.  Rural Delivery can be added for an additional $1.90. I send all my items through Pass the Parcel/ Post Haste.

How do I order and how long will it take?
Once you have decided what Onesie Friend you would like to have made you can fill out one of our order forms which can be found in the menu. Once you have filled out our order form I will then discuss with you further about details of your order. Once an order is paid for (at least a half payment) it will lock in your placement on the waiting list. When I receive your items of clothing I will inform you that I have received them and give you an estimated time that I will start making your new friend. Once I start on an order it is generally completed with in a week but I will keep you updated if it is completed before this time or if there is a delay.

How much do the Onesie Friends cost and how do I pay?
My Onesie Friends cost between $80- $200 NZD. This does not include the price of postage or transfers. I hope that you understand how much time it takes to create a one of a kind Friend. It takes a great deal of planning, from arranging the pattern, cutting the fabric to assembling the finished product. All of the arms, legs, buttons and ribbons are sewn by myself, so this inevitably takes time and patience from you the customer. So I thank you for your patience and co operation during this process. I under no circumstances start on an order until it has been paid for in full. When you pay for your order this ensures your placement on the waiting list. The earlier you pay for an order the sooner you will be added to the waiting list. Payments can be made by bank transfer once you have received an invoice after filling out your online order form.


UPFRONT: Upfront payment is where you pay the full amount to have your Onesie Friend made and posted back to you all in one payment.

HALF AND HALF: The half and half payment option means you pay the first half of the full amount and the second half at a later date. This first payment is non-refundable as I have had problems with people not paying in the past. When you have paid the second half I will then make your Onesie Friend when it is your turn.

LAY-BY:  I can also do Layby for people who really need it. You will make it onto the waiting list once half of the full amount has been paid and I will start to make your Onesie Friend after the full amount has been paid.

Please make sure when paying for an order through Half and Half or Lay-by to put what Onesie Friend you are getting made as a reference in your payment.

*If you are only able to pay by doing a Half and Half Payment or Lay-by please contact me to let me know this upon placing an order.

Who makes the Onesie Friends? 
Me! I make them at home with a domestic sewing machine. All of the items I make are then finished by hand sewing details which takes a lot of time. I therefore ask  if you could please be patient during this time as I do make them alone. This is why I sometimes cannot make orders at short notice. If at all possible, I will do my best to make deadlines but I can not always do this with little notice.

Can I have a refund?
Refund Policy– If you change your mind at any point before I start work on your order and you have already sent me your clothing please let me know as soon as you can. I will offer you a full refund (excluding postage costs). However once I have started work on your toy no refund will be given. All the toys I make are handmade. The fabric used in our Onesie Friends has been provided by the customer so it may be in used and washed condition. This means it could have a tendency to tear/stretch etc. Please do remember this when placing an order. My Onesie Friends are made to the highest possible standard and I will never send anything out to you unless I am 100% satisfied that the item was given the time, love and attention that it deserves.

If there are any additional questions that are not on this page, then please let me know no matter how small it may be, as I’m sure other people are wondering the same thing.

Many thanks from,

Aleisha at The Onesie Bear NZ