NICU clothing line

Welcome to our new line of clothing specially designed for parents and children who have been on journeys through NICU.

As many of you will have seen I personally have been through not 1 but 2 NICU journeys with my children. Both of my babies were born as extreme preemies at 24+3 weeks and 23 weeks. Between both of my children we called NICU and Ronald McDonald House our home for a year all up. I wanted to find a way to constantly be able to give back and say thanks to The Neonatal Trust, Ronald McDonald House and also Life Flight for their parts to get us to where we are today. What a better way to do this than by making special items of clothing to get awareness out there of our journeys to let people know how amazing our babies are!

Each item sold in our NICU line will have $5 donated towards The Neonatal Trust, Ronald McDonald House or Life Flight.

Please come with us and support us in this great fundraiser.

For the month of March our donations from each sale will be going to Ronald McDonald house to raise funds for their House to House fundraiser. I am taking part again this year (I also did it last year). House to House represents the average distance each family travels to stay in Ronald McDonald house while they have family being treated in hospital.

If you would like to have a look at my fundraising page follow the link below. Any donations are a massive help for such an amazing cause!

To order please click the image of the design you would like. This will take you to its order form. Please note some of our designs are available in hoodies and t-shirts. In this case they are all in one order form so please click the link to the image you would like even if its not the correct item of clothing.