Onesie Friend Pricing

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The pricing of my Onesie Friends vary from $35- $150 each* depending on what one you would like made.

Little Comforters

  • Little Bunny Comforter                $35 each*

Patch Work Friends

  • Patchwork Friend Raccoon        $60 each*
  • Patchwork Friend Dog                 $60 each*
  • Patchwork Friend Bunny            $60 each*

Miniature Onesie Friends

  • Miniature Easter Bunny              $60 each*
  • Miniature Signature Bear           $70 each*
  • Miniature Mitch the Monkey     $70 each*

Signature Bear Onesie Friends

  • Miniature Signature Bear           $70 each*
  • Small Signature Bear                    $80 each*
  • Regular Signature Bear                $90 each
  • Extra Large Signature Bear         $110 each*
  • Wedding Signature Bear              $150 each*

Onesie Friends

  • Kitty Kate                                          $70 each*
  • Puppy Dog Pete                                $70 each*
  • Honey Bear                                       $70 each*
  • Horsey Horse                                   $70 each*
  • Unicorn                                             $70 each*
  • Easter Bunny                                   $70 each*
  • Raff the Giraffe                                $70 each*
  • Darcy the Triceratops                    $70 each*
  • Tommy T-Rex                                   $70 each*
  • Sammy Shark                                   $70 each*
  • Baby Panda                                       $70 each*
  • Reggie Reindeer                               $70 each*
  • Stu the Sea Turtle (one fabric shell) $75 each*
  • Stu the Sea Turtle (patchwork shell) $95 each*
  • Larry Lion                                         $85 each*
  • Mitch the Monkey                           $85 each*
  • Patch the Pussycat                          $85 each*
  • Bulldog                                              $85 each*
  • Fifi Fox                                              $85 each*
  • Patch the Pussycat                          $85 each*
  • Ellie Elephant                                   $90 each*
  • Francie Fox                                       $95 each*

To purchase your Onesie Friend(s) please fill out our online Order Form then message me on my Facebook Page.

*this pricing does not include postage or transfers. These can be added for an additional cost and can be found here; Postage Pricing and Printed Transfer Pricing.
*if you want your Onesie Friend made within the current waitlist time a ‘Rush’ Fee will be added. This will be an additional $30 cost.
*5% OFF WEBSITE ONLY SPECIAL*- this discount can ONLY be used if your ordering more than 1 Onesie Friend in the same order. This discount will be taken off your total order cost of the toy(s) alone (it does not include your first Onesie Friend, transfers, additions or postage costs). This discount can not be applied when using a gift certificate or any other discount code. This discount will be used on toys that are worth a lesser amount in an order if it applies.
*all pricing is in NZD