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If you would like to order a Onesie Friend, Dress-up Doll or a Gift Certificate please make sure you fill out our online order forms below so that I can calculate your order. It is vital that you do this form so that I can keep track of orders that have been placed.

Once you have filled out our order form please message me on my Facebook Page here or email me here. I will then get back  to you with an invoice of your order which includes how to pay.

If you want your Onesie Friend made within the current waitlist time a ‘Rush’ Fee will be added. This will be an additional $30 cost. This is due to an ever growing waiting list.. Please make sure you click “Yes” for a ‘Rush’ Fee in your order form if this applies to your order.

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*5% OFF WEBSITE ONLY SPECIAL*- this discount can ONLY be used if your ordering more than 1 Onesie Friend in the same order. This discount will be taken off your total order cost of the toy(s) alone (it does not include your first Onesie Friend, transfers, additions or postage costs). This discount can not be applied when using a gift certificate or any other discount code. This discount will be used on toys that are worth a lesser amount in an order if it applies.