Payment Options


UPFRONT: Upfront payment is where you pay the full amount to have your Onesie Friend made and posted back to you all in one payment.

HALF AND HALF: The half and half payment option means you pay the first half of the full amount and the second half at a later date. This first payment is non-refundable as I have had problems with people not paying in the past. When you have paid the second half I will then make your Onesie Friend when it is your turn.

LAY-BY:  I can also do Layby for people who really need it. You will make it onto the waiting list once half of the full amount has been paid and I will start to make your Onesie Friend after the full amount has been paid.

If you have an queries about payment options please feel free to message me through my Facebook page

Please make sure when paying for an order through Half and Half or Lay-by to put what Onesie Friend you are getting made as a reference in your payment.

*If you are only able to pay by doing a Half and Half Payment or Lay-by please contact me to let me know this is how you want to pay so I can give you my payment details.
*If you want to do lay-by it needs to be paid in full within 4 weeks.