Preemie Doll Pricing

The pricing of our Preemie Dolls vary depending on what gestation you want and if you want it to be weighted with just plastic pellets (feels right weight) or with plastic pellets and metal BBs (real weight to your baby). This pricing is for a naked doll. Hats and nappies are available for an additional cost.

Preemie Dolls (“Feels right” weight)

Our “Feels right” weighted Preemie Dolls are weighted using plastic pellets. This means their end weight will be 1/2 to 2/3 of the weight if the “real” weight dolls. These dolls are a good option if your just wanting a doll to be a certain gestation but don’t mind the weight. These dolls still feel very life like.


    13-16 weeks               $65.00

17-19 weeks               $80.00

20-24 weeks               $90.00

26-32 weeks             $140.00

34-36 weeks              $160.00

36+ weeks                 $200


Preemie Dolls (“Real” weight)

Our “Real” weighted Preemie Dolls are made to the weight of your baby. This means when they have no clothing or nappy on they will weight the same as your babies birth weight. (Please note this may vary a little depending on the scales used)

        Gestation                         Weight (grams)                               Price

    13-16 weeks                           $75.00

17-19 weeks                           $90.00

about 20-24 weeks              300 grams- 780 grams                          $100.00

about 26-32 weeks             907 grams- 1814 grams                         $150.00

about 34-36 weeks             1814 grams- 2494 grams                       $180.00

about 36+ weeks                     up to 4000 grams                                $220.00

Fabric Pricing

If you are wanting to have your Preemie Doll made from a skin toned fabric I provide not your own clothing/ fabric this will be an additional cost.

                         13-19 weeks-$5.00

20-26 weeks- $10.00

26-32 weeks- $15.00

32-36 weeks- $20.00

36+ weeks- $25.00


You can add additions to your doll such as giving it a face and clothing. See options and pricing below.


Blank face- FREE

Painted Face- $5.00

Posable fingers/ mits

Posable fingers are available in dolls 30 weeks and bigger. Posable mits are available in dolls under 30 weeks as they are too small to have fingers.

Posable Fingers- $5.00

Posable Mits- $5.00

Anatomically correct

Girl- $3.00

Boy- $6.00


Hat provided by you but may need to be altered to fit by me- $2.00

Material provided by you but hat *MBM*- $4.00

Pink Hat *MBM- $6.00

Blue Hat- *MBM*- $6.00

Neutral Hat *MBM*- $6.00


Disposable Nappy- $1.00

Cloth nappy material provided by you but *MBM*- $4.00

Cloth Nappy *MBM*- $6.00


Provided Baby Hospital Bracelet attached- $2.00

Provided Belly Button Clamp attached- $4.00

Any other additions you may like to have that have not been listed can be discussed so please feel free to let me know if there is anything else you would like done.

*MBM* means made by me