To purchase your new Onesie Freinds please follow the instructions below:

  1. Please go to my online Order Form and fill that in so that you can choose what Onesie Friend you would like as well as any custom additions,
  2. Then head to my Facebook Page and send me a message to let me know you have filled out our Order Form and that you would like to place an order,
  3. I will then reply to by email with an invoice for your order,
  4. Then the magic can begin!!

Your clothing can be sent to the address below and payments can be made to the account below. However please do not make any payments or send any clothing until you have been through the above processes so I can confirm your order details.

Postal Address

Aleisha Bain

272 Papawai Road,

RD 1,

Greytown, 5794


Our current TOTAL turn around time is; approximately 16-20 weeks

This time starts from the moment we have received your clothing from you.
This is due to all of our creations being custom orders so there is a waiting list. Be sure to get your order in with plenty of time to spare to ensure it is made in time for your special date.