Vinyl Transfer Name, Date, Image and Sayings


Our Vinyl Transfer Name, Date, Image and Sayings allow for any desire.

We are able to do custom names, dates, sayings, shapes and even photos! This option is perfect if you are just wanting a short custom transfer as opposed to our full Birth Announcements.

The characters that are available to be used in your transfer are:
* . , ‘ ” : ; – _ ! ( ) & ^ @ # $ % + = *
* simple shapes like hearts, stars, diamonds etc.

Your own images can be added if you have a photo you would like featured on your Onesie Friend this can also be done.

When you add the option of a Vinyl Transfer to your Onesie Friend(s) please choose the character amount or image size you are wanting in our online order form.
This will ensure you are able to get as close to the correct sized image or amount of characters wanted. You will also need to fill out our what colour(s) and font(s) you would like to use. To fill out our Order Form click here.